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Current partners Nick Dempsey (windsurfer) and Hannah Mills


Around the time that Barnes began sailing competitively in Wellington, former Team New Zealand and now Alinghi sailors Russell Coutts and Murray Jones were also on the scene. „In those days all the good guys were in Auckland and then a group of us came along. It was quite a competitive time.“.

A hatful of gold and silver medals was taken home by the British squad at the ISAF World Cup regatta on the London 2012 Games track in Weymouth Bay. Current partners Nick Dempsey (windsurfer) and Hannah Mills, with women’s 470 crew Saskia Clark, both went home with gold medals and Finn singlehander Giles Scott overcame a penalty in the deciding medal race to emphasise his dominance in a class which Britain has been the boss for over 15 years. Iain Percy used to terrify the boat park when he won in Sydney in 2000 and Ben Ainslie won three of his four Olympic golds in the class at the next three Games..

In this paper, we attempted to map a few such clusters across the seven metro cities in India based on the various qualitative and quantitative factors catering to the preference for luxury retail. The factors adopted to select the clusters were penetration of luxury brands and preference for luxury. These factors were analysed on the basis of the parameters below:.

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