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The Odyssey is one of the great works of ancient Western


Later, when Apollo discovered his cattle was stolen, he was enraged at Hermes. Proof of this baby God’s crimes was in the form of the lyre. Zeus had to step in to resolve the dispute, and Hermes had to give Apollo his lyre in reconciliation. The Odyssey is one of the great works of ancient Western literature, written eight centuries before the birth of Christ and four centuries after the fall of Troy. Generations of classicists have pored over the many lines of Homer’s epic description of the long journey taken by the hero Odysseus to his home island of Ithaca. Now two scholars have found evidence to support the idea that one line, in the poem’s 20th book, refers to a total solar eclipse that occurred on 16 April 1178 BC the day when Odysseus returned home to kill his wife’s suitors.

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