Proud experts in automotive
upholstery since 1959

Production of interior parts for luxury lines of cars.
We focus on the parts that cannot be produced by large volume machines.


dagro_logo_smallThe DAGRO Plzeň Ltd. company is generally involved in rather small or mid series production of interior parts for luxury or high standard cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, etc. It specializes in manufacturing  those parts which cannot be produced by massive production lines/machines. The unifying criterion is emphasis on aesthetics and quality of used materials. Mostly we use natural leather,  Alcantara®, artificial leather or textile.

Recently, Dagro has turned its attention also outside car industry – our products can now be found for example in planes of the British Airways. We are also active in the field of custom commissions for smaller clients such as car tuning fans, veteran club members and others. We also cooperate with educational institutions. We are official partners of the Technical University in Liberec (Textile faculty) and the Secondary school in Hořovice where we contribute to the launch of the study program called Car industry upholsterer.


lide_v_dagro_smThe basics of our services is manual upholstering. Our employees have dacades of experience in this field which is the reason  why we perceive them as the most important company asset. We emphasize training, continuous education and raising qualification, motivation, but also individual approach to each and every employee of our company. Thus we are able to deliver the highest quality of service and products. We are also proud holders of the ISO TS Certificate.

Materials and technologies

technologie_v_dagro_smWe use top quality car upholstering natural cow skin leather in various color shades with natural or design front side. We frequently use the artificial fabric Alcantara, or artificial leather on the basis of PVC and PUR, foil or various textile fabric types. The utilized technologies comprise sewing, upholstering, cutting out, chopping, thinning,  clipping, riveting and ultrasonic welding.

We are a solely Czech company without foreign owners, which enables us to  react freely and with flexibility to our customers´ requirements. Thanks to this flexibility we are being approached by foreign partners offering us cooperation in the field of research, testing and prototype development.

The knowledge of the discipline of upholstering, the craftsmanship of our team members and the emphasis on manual production provides us with a major competing advantage (not only) on the car industry market.

We are ISO certified company. See the certificate here.

We are represented by:

Jiří Sieger


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DAGRO at Automotive Hungary 2014

The company DAGRO Plzeň will be presenting itself at a prestigious international International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers called Automotive Hungary which takes place in Budapest Fair Centre 5th – 7th November 2014. The visitors will encounter us among major Czech suppliers and they will get a chance to get familiar with our products […]

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We are preparing a new study program

The company DAGRO Plzeň initiated a partnership with the Secondary school and professional school in Hořovice. Here is the first achievement: next year the school will open a new study programe called Upholsterer in automotive industry. The students will be offered a great opportunity to gain practical knowledge directly in the DAGRO plant. Since the […]

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Company history History of DAGRO

The original name DAGRO is related to the name of its German founder, Mr. Reinhold DAnze and a little town near the German border called GROss Zimmern, where our history began at the end of the 50´s in the 20th century. The year 1959 represented a big rise of mass production of the Wolkwagen ‘’Käfer’’ Beetle and the environment of industrial boom was very positively established for the car industry manufacturers. DAGRO very became an important manufacturer of interior parts made of textile materials for the dynamically developing Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. Continually many more important partners such as Opel, Daimler-Benz or MAN Nutzfahzeuge emerged.
After the fall of the iron curtain and reunion of Germany, the company owner at that time accepted an attractive investment incentive of the German government and founded the company DAGRO Gera GmbH in former East Germany in 1991. The town of Gera had been known for its tradition of textile production and quality workforce in this field. Two years later in 1993 a branch company was founded in the Czech Republic under the name of DAGRO Plzeň Ltd. which had two plants – one settled in Pilsen, the other in mid-Bohemian Hořovice. Later on we expanded to South America having founded a branch called DAGRO Puebla s.a. in Mexico in 1996.
In 2009 the DAGRO group disintegrated due to industrial crisis and some plants had to be closed and others restructuralized. The Gera plant was merged with a competing company and the Czech branch DAGRO Plzeň remained as the only European continuator of the long tradition setting its own separate way. This time with its own direction and owner. Reorganization of the company was finished in 2012 resulting in relocating all activities to Hořovice. Since then the DAGRO Plzeň has been in the process of return among the major car industry manufacturers. Since 2013 it has operated also outside the car industry business. The year 2014 meant key upswing regarding the number of employees and turnover.


Kamil Hrbáč – CEO of KHMC s.r.o.

Up till now, we have produced nearly 1,000 buses, among other luxury versions with individual customer requirements. Thanks to the assistance of DAGRO Plzen, which flexibly responds to our rather unusual requirements.

Kamil Hrbáč, CEO of KHMC s.r.o.