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Testimonial of Kamil Hrbáč – CEO of KHMC s.r.o.

kamil_hrbacIn the beginning of year 1993 I and my copartner founded a company in Opava which produced transportation extensions for long vehicles such as drays, special tow vehicles, cooling superstructures, etc. In mid 1995 I was introduced to Ing. Vilém Pecháček who is nowadays renowned as “the soul father of small buses”. Under his direction the first microbuses on the Mercedes-Benz T2 bogy came into the world.

khmc04_smAfter mutual agreement we started the production of small buses, founded a new plant and hired new employees. Among our first clients were some of the ČSAD branches. They were long distance buses with capacity of 40 passengers including    the places for standing. A year later with the coming of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter we got an order of 20 buses from ČSAD Plzeň. Consequently we started producing the Sprinter model variations for tours, line and bring-in buses.

Our buses can be seen all over the Czech Republic, in Slovakia, but they are also very much welcome in Austria, Germany and Switzerland where the requirements of quality, machining, reliability and (last but not least) price are very strict. More and more clients require luxury variants of our buses, i.e. technologies and design upgrades with the use of the highest quality materials. That is why we standardized the offer of the interior manufacturing in natural leather and the Alcantara fabric.

khmc02_smNot long ago we sold a bus whose interior had been designed completely in leather and Alcantara (including the board, seats, ceiling, etc.). These luxury interior variants are manufactured by the partner company DAGRO Plzeň which specializes in leather upholstering. The company operates especially in major car industries such as Audi, BMW and other premium brands, but they are ready and willing to accept individual commissions such as that of ours. Dagro sets a team of workers who work on an individual task exclusively utilizing their undoubted experience and professional skills. They are also capable of suggesting the most efficient procedures. These facts ensure a high standard in quality, price and time, which is subsequently appreciated by the client who luckily purchases such a luxury bus model.


Until present, we have produced nearly 1000 buses – some of them being luxury or custom models – with the essential contribution of the DAGRO Plzeň Company which is always ready to answer even the most extraordinary demand of our clients.

Kamil Hrbáč
CEO of KHMC s.r.o.