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Alcantara ®


Alcantara® is a business brand  of velour artificial leather from laminated non-woven textile fabric. The material´s surface resembles suede; it is flexible, breathing, anti-crumple and very resistant to threadbare worn out. In car industry Alcantara is used for luxury car interior design especially on seats, side and ceiling upholstery. In most expensive cars it can be found in other parts as well. Furthermore, it is used in furniture and textile production.

dagro_alcantara_01_smalldagro_vyrobek_06_small2Technically it is a thread composite – laminate containing 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. The semi-finished product for Alcantara production is artificial fleece made from ultrathin cross-lain threads of number up to 200.000 within 1 square centimeter.  The lamination technology, however, is understood as intellectual property anxiously protected by the manufacturer.

The main colour scale is based on 50 colour shades, but due to our customers’ requests we have enlarged the scale up to 500. Alcantara is one of the most resistant fabrics (the worn-out test proved 30.000 – 35.000 cycles). There is a 10-year warranty provided by the manufacturer which ensures permanence of quality and colour. The material can easily be treated with water, neutral PH soap, dry foam or can even be washed at 30°C in case of removable parts.

Such properties (softness and luxury appearance) make this fabric one of the most frequently used interior materials in luxury variants of world brand cars. The DAGRO Plzeň company uses Alcantara in many colour variations for the ceiling upholstery of higher variants of Audi and BMW.


More info at: www.alcantara.com


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