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kuze_znakSince the beginning of human history the man has been using animal skins and furs as a part of his clothing. Because the skin stiffens after some time it used to be chewed so that it would gain its flexibility and durability. After such treatment, parts of skin or hides were ready to be sewn and worn as clothes. The hide processing techniques of treatment and conservation were continually being developed and spread all over the world. Later on, dyeing techniques and many other ways of skin and fur processing were found which consequently enlarged the range of skin use. Leather also became an important valuable and continues to be until present time.

dagro_kuze_01_smallThanks to its use in automotive industry skin won its extraordinary position because, as we know, it is leather what gives a car the hallmark of uniqueness and particularity as well as prestige. The leather effect is emphasized by the use of manual work while sewing and upholstering which cannot be applied in mass produced cars. The leather therefore brings a touch of humanity into strictly mechanical environment. For its decorative and functional features it has been welcome to be a part of  the most high-end technologies. That is why we can touch this unique material in most car brands of luxury and high class models as well as the sport models.

The skin represents a natural body cover of a vertebrate creature protecting them against external environment (cold, moist, light, injury, etc.), it enables breathing and contact with the surroundings. The skin is a blanket and non-homogenous material which does not have any shape memory and is very flexible. While being utilized it shows unique properties and durability which is the reason for its use in car industry, clothes production, shoe making, haberdashery, etc. The skin or leather can be categorized according to its quality, animal type or part type. For interior upholstering in car production it is cow skin. It is the most commonly processed leather type used mainly in shoe manufacture. It has a full structure and its threads are very solidly interlaced.

dagro_kuze_02_smallThe skin is processed in tanneries being treated on by various technologies at whose end we get so called “hide” which is used for upholstering. For every industry the hide types are adjusted to the specific purposes (cloth making, shoe making, haberdashery, upholstering, car upholstering, etc.). Hide types can further be divided according to their surface treatment.

As it has been said, natural hide, or leather, or skin is used in automotive industry especially in luxury cars thanks to its non-homogenous pattern and a certain level of imperfection which ensures originality and uniqueness of each car. It is exclusively natural material which means the results of its application can never be planned with absolute certainty. That is why leather or hide is such a prestigious material not only in car upholstery industry.

Used literature: Kubát, Pařilová – Kůže, usně, kožesiny a kožené výrobky. Liberec, TUL 2013

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