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We offer our services mainly in these areas:

Automotive Industry

Key industry where DAGRO is operating is automotive. We are a certified supplier of upholstered parts for major car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others. We focus on complicated interior parts using noble materials like genuine leather or Alcantara®, that cannot be upholstered by large production line machines. Many years long experience of our personnel and established quality system make us a major supplier of fine, manual upholstery works.

Aerospace Industry and other

We are also active in transportation industry – mainly aerospace, where customers approach us because of our experience and technical abilities in sewing and upholstery. We are able to offer upholstered parts for aircrafts (our products can be seen i.e. in British Airways aircrafts); and afor public trains, buses and other vehicles too. Also here there are many interior parts that cannot be upholstered by machinery and where skillful hands of DAGRO people are needed.

Custom Production

Due to the size and flexibility of our company we can afford to offer also custom production that is almost fully „custom-made“. Such production is either for automotive or for any other field. Customers admire the most our ability to flexibly respond to the individual needs and our offer of services for smaller and varied projects. But also here we implement our well established quality system that is common in automotive industry. All this help us to deliver the top quality products.

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