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This is the list of technologies used in our work.


We are equipped with high quality cutting press from the German company Schön & Sandt AG which enables us to make any kind of desired shape specified for a given project.

Prior to actual cutting out process, our well trained staff record all the flaws (scars, wrinkles, insect stenches, etc.), which do not match the customer´s requirements. After that the skin is divided into several parts. We accentuate precision and economy in the use of every part.


Our sewing team is represented by long time experienced professionals. Well sewn part is the core of our quality upholstering work. We consistently and periodically train our seamstresses so that they develop their qualifications and skills.

The sewing workshop is equipped with the high end PFAFF sewing machines. At our disposal we have one-needle or double-needle machine types, angle sewing machines, overlock sewing machines and several more special machines including the fully automatic ones.


The process of upholstering always begins with adhesive spraying on both surfaces – the skin and the target area. With respect to the continuous growth of requirements regarding the environmental protection, our company more and more often utilizes water-based adhesives.

The neighboring layers to the front surface are cover with the PUR foam in order to soften the final effect. Later on, the upholstering process is performed manually by our upholsterers. The sewn parts are manually shaped, fringed and cut.

Surface milling

Surface milling is a process for adjusting the skin thickness the reason being various requirements for upholstering different areas of car interior parts. Whereas the bigger parts such as seats or ceiling require thicker layers, the smaller parts require thinner layers (up to less than 1 mm).

Thinner skin is easier to manipulate with – it is more convenient for bending and shaping. The thinner the layer, the bigger is the risk of tearing. This fact, however, represents no problem for our experienced staff who can handle the material with no difficulties.

Side thinning

This technology is one of the not very common process which, however, is essential and a minimum standard for quality upholstering firms. The side thinning process enables joining the layers parts.

The reason for that is thinning the layer in the two sewn together areas so that the same layer thickness is kept. The DAGRO Plzeň company has two such machines at their disposal.

Mechanical laminating

This is one of the fully automatic processes performed by the DAGRO Plzeň company. It takes place in cases of specific projects which downright require such technology in mass production.

Among such manufactured parts belong for example trunk floor rugs which must be pressed with precision so that they fit fully within the target area.


Besides sewing, some projects also require other ways of linking. One of the traditional technologies is riveting for which we use a fully automatic pistol. The same process is used for manufacturing textile brushes for automatic car wash systems.

Riveting is used for very hard materials but also in areas requiring high level of adhesion regardless of the aesthetic effect.

Ultrasonic welding

For very specific projects we use ultrasonic welding. It is a way of welding thermoplastic parts and several other material types with the use of ultrasonic energy in the joining area.

The joint is made by perpendicular beams of ultrasonic oscillation on the surface of the joint with parallel pressure force. The effect of the heat causes melting before solid connection is achieved. This technology is used for specific car interior areas.

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